VHF/UHF Go-Box Complete

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  1. What box are you using? Is this the Rigid 22″? Thanks.

    • Brad (K4NHA) says:

      The box is a Flambeau Dry Box. I picked it up at Tractor Supply for right around $14 I believe. As of now TSC is the only place I’ve found the black version, which Flambeau labels as “tactical”, for a reasonable price. Here’s a link to them on Amazon but they are crazy expensive there: http://amzn.to/1M6B6bh. Alternatively you can find these same cases in green, blue, and rarely in safety orange at Wal-Mart, Target, and other similar stores during hunting season.

  2. JK says:


    That is a very nice “Go-Box” you have assembled. I recently picked up two TH-9800’s (one for inside, one for the car) and while Googling on how to add APRS to it I landed on your site. My first thought was to splice an audio breakout cable from the mic, but then was wondering if the data port on the back could be used? For APRS, I’ll just be using iOS software for an iPad. Down the road, I’d like to get an actual hardware TNC or something like a SignaLink though. Thanks!

  1. September 10, 2015

    […] Last week I posted a few pictures of my completed VHF/UHF Go-Box so now I’d like to explain more about it and the reasoning behind my choices. My design requirements for the go-box have developed over that past 6 to 9 months and have changed many times since it’s initial conception. I originally wanted to build something that would contain much more equipment including a second VHF/UHF system, 1-2 scanners, and an HF rig with meters and tuner. I quickly decided that something this size would either never leave my bench or it would never be used due to it’s size and weight. This is a post I made a while back showing the initial enclosure system I planned to use which tailored for ARES/RACES and Field Day type operations before I considered daily use and portability. […]

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