TYT TH-9800 Mic Pinout

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  1. Bill says:

    I’m wanting to use a D104 mic with the th-9800 once I find out more about the mic pin out.

  2. danny says:

    Have u got the yeasu dtmf mic to work yet?

  3. Henk says:

    Have You allready make your adapter cable working?
    I have a th-9800 too.
    73′ henk

    • Brad (K4NHA) says:

      I was unable to use a Yaesu mic. There is a non-DTMF Icom mic that works with this radio but I have unable to locate a replacement DTMF mic other than the original.

  4. brad says:

    hey did you ever get any adapter to work I need a motorcycle helmet headset for this radio and cant find any with rj12 or an rj12 that adapts into something I can use

    • brad says:

      edit** dont need anything fancy just need mic and speakers to work and the ptt option of couse

      • Brad (K4NHA) says:

        Nothing off the shelf is compatible with the TYT radio however you can wire a connection up depending on what helmet mic and PTT button you are using. The TYT has the same pinout as Yaesu with the only difference being with the voltage supplied to the Mic for other functions. This shouldn’t matter for what you are doing since all you need is the PTT, Ground, and Audio In.

  5. Bob (NY2M) says:

    Brad, I see that there is no audio out pin for the tyt. I’m planning to wire mine up for packet radio, so I will have to integrate a speaker plug into the mix. My question is, does PTT go to ground for TX? Tnx, Bob.

    • Brad (K4NHA) says:

      That is correct, you’ll need to use the audio output on the back of the radio. Regarding the PTT I don’t remember for sure but I believe it does go to GND to activate the PTT. It’s been too long ago since I ran all the circuits down and I don’t see that info in my notes.

      If you are looking for a good radio specially for packet use check out the TYT TH-9000D line. They’re 55-watt mono band transceivers available in UHF, VHF, and VHF 222MHz. They have an internal header will all connections needed for packet use. http://k4nha.com/220mhz-repeater-project-transceiver-modification/

  6. Jay Fleming says:

    Brad I’ve tried all kinds of BT headsets on my Yamaha Royal Star Venture. After lots of money and time, I found the Sena headsets work best. I use the Sena SPH10 behind the head BT headset and it has a problem with the backstrap breaking. I sent mine back twice, finally just added support from some epoxy. I’m sure the in the helmet headset don’t have this problem.

    Anyway I use the Sena headset with a Shark Bluetooth radio adaptor. It allows me to use the PTT on the BT adaptors 18″ cable that goes to the radio, or use the wired PTT switch that plugs into the radio adaptor. You can also add a GPS, or audio device to the Sena headset using the 2 aux inputs.

    You read a lot of bad reviews on the Shark Radio Adaptor also known as the BT2Way Radio Adaptor.
    Here’s the secret to pairing the Shark AKA BT2Way Radio Adaptor to a Sena headset.

    Use your Sena headset universal headset profile to pair with the BT2WAY adaptor.

    Turn on the SPH10, or other Sena headset, and enter universal pairing mode by holding the jog dial for 8 seconds.

    Trun on the Shark BT2WAY adaptor, and hold the BT button for 6 seconds, light will flash red, blue.

    Press the BT button momentarily. You need to press the button very quickly or it won’t pair. If you have problems, press the center jog dial button, this switches from the radio adaptor to intercom mode.

    The LED should change to flashing blue.

    Jay KA7MBQ
    I just started to wire the BT adaptor up to my TH-9800. I’ll let

  7. Bruce says:

    Where can I get the full schematic for the th-9800?

    • Brad (K4NHA) says:

      Hey Bruce, I’m working on that myself for the TH-9800 and TH-9000D. I’ve been in email correspondence with TYT but it’s a slow process to get this info. You can contact them at tyt@tyt888.com if you wish and I’ll be sure to post the schematics here when I get them.

      • Bruce says:

        OK, I also have a Retevis RT-9000D which is the same as a THT th-9000D. Keep me posted. I do alot of digital. JT65 and JT9 and sometimes I use FLDIGI for the EMBS.

  8. Bob T says:

    I’m thinking of opening the original TYT mic and seeing if I can retro fit a Heil MC-4 element in there. Bet that would kick it up a notch.

  9. Bob T says:

    Three things I just learned about the TYT mic.
    1. It is held together by 3 torx screws.
    2. The mic element is surface mounted to a pc board. (so much for the Heil element idea).
    3. And lastly, if you epoxy a good earth magnet to any surface, the TYT mic will hang there. It has a steel block attached to the rear clam shell for weight.

  10. Jeff says:

    Brad, you mentioned an ICOM mic that works with the tyt-9800. Which one is it? I do not use DTMF tones, just need a softer mic. I have three of these radios and all are overdriven even with narrow and emphasis. TYT did tell me they working on changing a component with less ohms and dB rating. IS the ICOM mic a direct plug in or did it need rewired?

    73 Jeff n0oxk

  11. Tony says:

    Has anyone the plug pin-out for the TH-9800? I tried buzzing it out, but blew the mic with the meter!!?? The mic appears to be full of transistors and must have shorted them out, perhaps they are static sensitive? No matter, I have a new mic now. I would like mic, ptt and ground lines.

  12. Lukas Thorwald Hey says:

    Hi guys!

    Can someone tell me the schematics of that microphone including bill of material? There’s one SMD part blown up and I’d like to replace it. Thanks!

    73, do4amf (Lukas)

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