220MHz Repeater Project – Transceiver Modification

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  1. Keith says:

    Is there more to this article? How did the two radios pin out to connect to the RC-210? I am thinking this might make a good short-term back up set in the event either my VHF or UHF machines fail.

    • Brad (K4NHA) says:

      There is more coming however the project was postponed due to more pressing issues. Once I pickup the antennas and mast where I can start testing I’ll have a lot more info coming.

      The radios connect to one port on the RC-210, so it’s essentially a “Y” cable with two DB9 connections for each radio and then one to the controller. You could use one radio per port however that isn’t needed and would just use up a port that could be used for another repeater, linking radio, etc.

  2. Did you ever finish this? We are looking at doing the same thing here in New Orleans.

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