Minecraft Server


Minecraft Survival Server


This is an almost pure vanilla Minecraft server for a small group of people. No mods are running other than a few datapacks to make our quality of life a little bit better. If you’re already on the server and would like to invite someone get with Darthcobble or Megawatt. (Watcher#2607 on Discord)

The server will be continuously updated for all future releases (no shapshots).

Server Settings

  • World Generated on 1.13 (October 2018)
  • Seed: 5464732991571760112
  • Fire tick is disabled to prevent builds from being destroyed by lightning and the always unexpected oops with lava or fire.


Data Packs

  • Sleeping – Only 10% of online players are required to be in a bed to sleep the night away. This rounds down so if 3 are online only 1 is needed to sleep.
  • Enderman Griefing – Enderman will not steal any player placed blocks.
  • Gravestones – When you die all of your gear will be collected in a gravestone to prevent any despawning. Works in Overworld, Nether, and the End.
  • Crop Harvesting – Walk over crops while holding a Diamond Hoe and it will automatically harvest and re-plant. Works on all foods and Netherwart.
  • Ender Dragon – Each time an Ender Dragon is killed it has a 100% chance to drop and Elytra.
  • Shulkers – Shulkers have a 100% chance to drop 2 Shulker Shells when killed.
  • End Ship Beacons – End Ships have a chance to spawn a lootable Beacon (the way it was originally in the 15w31a snapshot)